We have finally solved the problem with MoFi to be able to use the router with Verizon. We have added those option for you to select either the purchase of a new MoFi router, or if you already own one to be able to send it in to use for configuration.

It is a bit of a complicated configuration, so yes, if you own one you MUST send it to us for configuration at this time. We hope to possible have an option in the future for remote (or self) configuration, but that is not available at this time.




UPDATE (Late nigh mon/tue morning)

We were having some problems with Mofi, but once again have solved them. The problem has to do with the new (version 3) of the mofi hardware, or the version 2 with firmware above 4.1.9 in which MoFi tried to apply their own fix (which did not work) and conflicts with our fix. So, we can use Mofi! It must be version 2 hardware (most people have this) and it must be sent in to use for configuration. This is the recommended router once again and is working much better than the Gl-Inet.

Please call or chat with any questions.



Tuesday, October 13, 2020

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